The Guy

Hi, my name is Erick Ruiz de Chavez. I am a computer nerd, and I work as a Sr Web Developer; I’ve been doing this since 2015, so I’ve seen (and learned) a thing or two. I am a big fan of automation and try to use it wherever I can; call it scripts and macros to help me with my job and hobbies, home automation, and many other things.

The Beard

I’ve been a bearded guy for quite some years now; I do not even remember how my face looks without a beard. She has a personality of her own. Sometimes I will let her grow, and sometimes I will trim her short; sometimes she will be neat, other times not so much.

The Site

This site is definitely not my first one. In all my years surfing the interwebs, I have had a fair share of websites, blogs, social accounts, etc.

My plan is to use this site to share my thoughts about technology, web development, nerdy things, and the occasional dog (or cat) picture.


I don’t use nor have social network accounts; if you want to contact me, please use this contact form.