WPBakery Developer Documentation

If you work with WordPress and WPBakery (also known by some as Visual Composer) chances are you have had to develop a custom shortcode element. Although I think WPBakery is a pretty good developer tool, their docs are far from being the best ones, and they are sometimes pretty hard to find.

To save myself (and you) some research time, here are some developer links I use a lot:

Codes of Conduct

I am a big fan of having, following, and enforcing a Code of Conduct (CoC) in all projects where I participate. If by any chance they do not have one, I always seek to collaborate with the project maintainers to adopt one that aligns properly with their values. So far I have seen great results, we all grow together, and ensure a safe and civilized space for everyone.

My favorite Code of Conduct, is Contributor Covenant. It is pretty easy to understand, pretty easy to implement, and it is backed by a lot of open source projects.

Good practices for presentations

A few days ago while I was doing some note cleanup and brainstorming for post ideas, I found a list of good practices for presentations and screen sharing I wrote some years ago and, even though we are already well into the new remote age, I decided to share them with you.

I hope you (or someone close to you) find them helpful.

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Writing a Link Shortener with PHP and Airtable

Over the weekend I was working on a small side project for a meetup I started attending to a few weeks ago. I am printing a QR code (with a link) for a small flyer and adding an NFC tag (with the same link) to it as well. All of the sudden I was thinking 🤔 I need a practical way to update a my link without having to print again my QR code and reprogram the NFC tag.

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